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welcome to my blog . enjoy ur stae here . its my blog , my sae . if u dun like it here , feel free to press dat red X at de top corner n get urself outta here.. do add me up at fb - redheadsamurai@hotmail.com . will be waitin.

turnin 18 dis year . studyin at NYP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT . motorbike racer. n frm wat u guys cn possibli see , im VERY VERY PHOTOGENIC :D
i dont need bitches and sluts in my life .

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Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 9:07 PM


and the bad news keep on coming and coming . just now woke up at 6+ , bathed , gt ready fr skul and off i went with no ciggs . bus was freaking packed and had to wait fr 2 busses before i can actually board one . got a seat at pioneer and tot it was over . but no , at boon lay , the announcement came out and everyone had to alight due to some problem . in the end was 10 mins late fr class . bayeeek .

when i stepped in school just now , there was a bunch of malay girls standing near the esclator , one of them saw me , whispered to the others . then all of them looked at me and started nodding their heads . after a few steps , someone shouted " TYLER " , when i turned , sume da lari . apa punya perangai -.-

and then gt to know my group mates fr attachment and as usual , i smiled in an act of friendly-ness . but what do i get ? SHIT FACE LIKE THIS -..- geraaaaaaaam . soo cuking anti-social bustards . if u think its over , think again . gt to know that im schooling office hours from now on . which means i need to be in class by 9 and it will end at 5 . one hour lunch and two 15 mins tea break . WTF ! haishhh . its really gnna change my life man .

how am i supposed to find work to pay the saman ? aiyoooomah . how am i gg to lpak ? aiyooomah . well , sry girls , i think u can just frget about me . with all this , i know i cant make time fr any one of you . oh and not frgetting the projects that will be haunting me fr the next 9 weeks . 1st is an internal project , which needs to be handed in on 29 . tons of research , analyzation , powerpoint slide and a 10-12 full page report to be handed in . wahhhsei .

after that , starts my journey to east side almost everyday fr my 2nd project . stresssss !

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