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welcome to my blog . enjoy ur stae here . its my blog , my sae . if u dun like it here , feel free to press dat red X at de top corner n get urself outta here.. do add me up at fb - redheadsamurai@hotmail.com . will be waitin.

turnin 18 dis year . studyin at NYP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT . motorbike racer. n frm wat u guys cn possibli see , im VERY VERY PHOTOGENIC :D
i dont need bitches and sluts in my life .

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Saturday, April 23, 2011 @ 3:35 AM


hey sry for being emo in the last post . well , all i gtta say is ive finally pulled my pants up and started to jiggy all around again . all this hurt has actually made me learned from my lesson and gave me a big whack to my head . jyeah , in other words , it made me realize its all not worth it .

Ewan Chichako & Alyp Bucuk , id like to say a big thnx to both my brothers for always being there fr me thru my ups & downs . im sorry if i've troubled u guys in any way . and here's my promise to u , i wont stress myself abt girls anymore . im just gnna concentrate on school , working out this stupid body of mine and getting this skin fixed up ♥
thats the promise that ive made to both my beloved bros =)

soo here was what happened today ,

woken up by tarzan and jane at home . bathed and went to friday prayers with dad . went back home , changed and went out as a family to ecp . did nothing much there since siblings and parents were away most of the time cycling and rollerblading . tried to sleep but eyes just wont obey .

then baby liya txted me and told me she was coming to ecp as well . baru keluar hosp nk merayap eh ? pok bontot nye lagi nk ? haha . soo met her at mac and proceeded to a nearby pondok to slack . talk'talk'talk and then it was time to go . baby gave me a really tight hug and didn't wanna let go . swwweeeeeeeeeet sungguh ini anak . hugged and kissed each other goodbye and then off i went .

went to makan after that at a nearby food court and then met wan , zack , yuyun , putry , nishaa and sukri . lepak'lepak , gt screened by freaking rude police and then continued lepak-ing again . went to work after that while the rest left .

soo will be meeting baby and her adek angkat tomorrow and then gg to scape with the rest as usual . and now im still trynna decide what to wear tomorrow . bayeeeeeek punya chiku chiku chingkau . hahaha chow peeepos .

if u see me at scape , dont frget to wave and smile =)
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