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welcome to my blog . enjoy ur stae here . its my blog , my sae . if u dun like it here , feel free to press dat red X at de top corner n get urself outta here.. do add me up at fb - redheadsamurai@hotmail.com . will be waitin.

turnin 18 dis year . studyin at NYP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT . motorbike racer. n frm wat u guys cn possibli see , im VERY VERY PHOTOGENIC :D
i dont need bitches and sluts in my life .

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Sunday, April 24, 2011 @ 5:32 AM
shisha and scape


sry fr not updating yesterday . was kinda busy and was out the whole day . im soo tired right now and my eyes are carry weights but yet , i wanna update this blog now cos the memories of this wonderful days are still clear .

soo today i woke up ard 2+ , bathed , changed and off to meet the rest . in the end sume lambat soo i went to bugis first since baby had already reached . cian bby kene tunggu yer . sorry syg *peace* then met arlip bohyan and his girl at control stn and off we went to shisha .

woooooi punye menyekse nk dpt tmpt this time . huauhau . stress skejap . in the end we got it . shisha-ed and then ewan along , alyp bucuk and yuyun barney came . slacked'slacked , camwhored , joked , laughed , kecoh-ess and then off we went back to bugis to pick mastura up . went to makan at LJS and then off we went to scape . haha that's where the real kecohness happened . otw all the guys act like bapok cos we crossed one otw to scape . ahah all eyes was on us baybeh . haha .

reached scape , gt our usual place to sit and then met adek sdare , fafaa luciano . tk abes'abes disturbing me with my real name and then ask for camera . standard -.- thensomething happened , arlip , his girl and mastura left . then khai gaga & mummy ina came . story'story , camwhored , laugh'laugh all the way then . made new friends too today . i loooike. hehe .

after that went back to jurong , another kecoh-ness in the air . disturb'disturb each other in the train and the funniest part was when we pushed each other then mummy ina sondol this bangla . hahahhahhahahahaha deng to the core sia . then gt this mamat keep on laughing because of that . the bangla staright away sit on the other side . hahhahaha cute right ? went straight to kfc to work , gt all the food we can and then ton . went back ard 4+ and now here i am blogging .

and here's khairul gaga *loves* like finally we got to meet huh after planning all this while . sucha cute , sweet and tall guy/babe . camwhored with him quite a bit and as usual , kecoh'kecoh-ness to the core . hahah meet again soon aites darls =)

and to baby ,

u look soooooo freaking chubby in the pic up there ! *cuteeeeeeeee*

id like to say thanks for everything today . sry u had to wait awhile before i had to arrive just now . i really had a great time with you today , all the laughter , hugs and kisses that we shared together will always be treasured . syg , remember how many AMIN we got ? heehehe . i just love how we get closer to each other every time we meet and how much we start to get to know one another in the process . and not forgetting how the love between us grows . i just want u to know how much i love you and im missing u truckloads right now . meet again soon ok hun ?

ok la peepos . gtg now . chow ~
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