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welcome to my blog . enjoy ur stae here . its my blog , my sae . if u dun like it here , feel free to press dat red X at de top corner n get urself outta here.. do add me up at fb - redheadsamurai@hotmail.com . will be waitin.

turnin 18 dis year . studyin at NYP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT . motorbike racer. n frm wat u guys cn possibli see , im VERY VERY PHOTOGENIC :D
i dont need bitches and sluts in my life .

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Sunday, April 24, 2011 @ 6:59 PM


ok soot oday has been a very'very boring sunday . didnt do nothing much and i can say that i have nt slept since yesterday . vampire rabak ni . have been on lappy since yesterday and my butt is hurting me like fuck right now . oh and yeah ! ive just created a tumblr account . now i know why they like tumblr soo much ! http://redheadsamurai-didityler.tumblr.com/ . do follow me aites .

ok soo have been replying the non-stop notifications on fb , busy looking at tumblr photos and mcg-ing baby at the same time . went to pasar , bought stuff for school tomorrow . and now im left with nothing to do again . will be sleeping early today , if nt tomorrow need to take mc again . huahua . will be staring at the computer the whole day of tomorrow since friday is the dateline for our project . need to submit atleast a 10 page report and im only done with 2.5 page . haha mampos .

maybe meeting baby this sat before meeting ryan and zahid . gg to snap'snap all around baybeh . like finally gt photoshoot again =)
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